Entrepreneur Mother Advocate Educator Friend

These are just a few of the words that describe Liz Rosenbaum. Liz has spent a life helping others and is now taking her commitment to service to the Colorado state capitol, running to be your State Representative in Colorado’s House District 21.

Whether it’s raising a family, teaching young minds, leading military families through fearful times following the 9/11 attacks, starting her own business, or founding the Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition, Liz has known one thing: the value of an outstretched hand, a smile, and a friendly voice on the other end of the phone is universal. If we want to solve the challenging issues of our time, we must solve them together.

From leading the charge to secure clean water for Fountain Valley residents to supporting immediate implementation of internet and broadband access in rural areas, Liz personally understands the issues of the area and how they impact the residents of Colorado’s House District 21. Her friends are her neighbors and her neighbors are her friends. She freely gives out her cell phone number so she can be accessible and answer questions; a rare quality.

Liz is a champion of women’s rights, universal health care, and protection of our natural resources. Liz believes that being a representative means actual representation, accessibility, and accountability, something for which she will work every day to achieve for the hard-working people of the Fountain Valley.

Help Liz on her march to the state capitol! Many people may think, “what can one person do?” The answer is, “a lot!”

  • Make a few phone calls!
  • Knock on doors with a buddy!
  • Pick up a yard sign or flyer!
  • Tell your friends about Liz!
  • Come to our next event!
  • Endorsements

    AFL-CIO – Liz’s campaign was endorsed by the biggest federation of unions in Colorado, the AFL-CIO! The Colorado AFL-CIO represents approximately 180 affiliate unions, whose membership totals more than 130,000 working Coloradans.

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