Clean Water

Liz founded the Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition in 2016 out of great concern and a sense of service to her community. At this time, the EPA lowered its advisory for the PFAS toxins in the water supply; meanwhile residents of the Fountain Valley were apprised that they had been drinking water with levels of PFCs and PFOAs far above what was considered safe. Liz organized the community into what has now become the Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition. As our state representative, Liz is determined to introduce and shepherd legislation to protect our precious water resources.

Small Business

As a small business owner, Liz understands the challenges entrepreneurs face in today’s economy and will be a champion for small business at a legislative level. Entrepreneurship is fundamental to the beating heart of a healthy community. Whether it is the day-to-day regulations that keep a business in compliance or what it takes to get a business off the ground, Liz has been there and has your back.


Schools must be fully funded. Therefore, TABOR and the Gallagher Amendment need to be updated to address the current economic climate. Schools need useful and portable technology, updated textbooks, building upgrades, and smaller classroom sizes. Our teachers must be paid a fair wage. Education should be the great equalizer; instead we’ve left it underfunded and understaffed. We must not only expand internet and broadband access to rural residential areas, but also schools. Our kids must be ready to compete in a 21st century global economy, not to mention prepare them for education that relies more and more on technology in the classroom every day.